We provide a bespoke finance team solution for the third sector

Crossley Third Sector are a team of experienced and qualified accounting professionals providing, bespoke, finance team solutions. We work nationally to support our clients delivering their strategic and financial plans and work exclusively with membership bodies, Associations and Third Sector clients.

Our Vision

For membership bodies, Associations and Third Sector organisations to be able to access the complete range of financial support and expertise, when and how they want to.

Our Values

Our people are the key to the success of our relationship and the delivery of our service. As such our Leadership and management is visible and accessible.

We foster the following core, principal values:

Our Mission

To provide a bespoke, high quality service dedicated to the specific needs of each client; a service that is adaptable to meet whatever challenges they face or wherever their strategy leads them.

Our Policies

Supporting our outlook and way we work are the commitments we make to others. We do this through a range of policies which underline and focus our attention on what matters. These policies include:


Governance and Standards:

Our response to COVID-19

When we, as a team reflect on the word success, we can often underplay the scale of what that means. During 2020 and 2021, our team used all of their technical, organisational and professional skills, learning, flexibility, diplomacy, leadership, management, client awareness and teamwork to ensure that all of our Third Sector clients got through 2020 and 2021.

All of our team contributed to this outcome and we continue to extend our thanks to them.

As a further sign of the difference we make, all of the clients that had opportunity to do so, renewed their long-term contracts with us.

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Meet With Experts

Graeme, Steve and Eleanor are experienced third sector and membership organisation accountants who are available to discuss your requirements.

Graeme Copestake

Head of Crossley Third Sector

Steve Doughty

Third Sector Manager

Eleanor Sandy

Third Sector Manager