Challenging Times Response Case Study


Challenging Times Response

One recent experience through the challenging times of 2020, provides a perfect illustration of how we helped one of our clients through these difficult times, and how we helped provide a range of expert advice and support.

Membership organisation


Pandemic financial leadership


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What happened?

We were recommend to a 8,000 member organisation who wanted good financial leadership at Board level and provide expertise into investment into the new Board structure. As the pandemic broke, strong direction was needed on a new risk based reserves policy as well as strong cash flow management. The organisation also needed leading edge skills to help move their members from one CRM to another.

An agreed solution

The moment lockdown struck in March 2020, Crossley Third Sector worked with budget holders to craft a new budget. Our team was able to lead from Board level with strong coverage in cash management, debt recovery and implementing business continuity systems.

Our impact

Through strong financial leadership, clear communication and continual hard work (!) from our dedicated team, the organisation was able to rededicate itself to its longer term strategy, having survived two lockdowns, an audit, the usual HMRC partial exemption enquiries and preparing new reports and insights for impact statements in the organisation’s annual report.

What our client valued

The organisation gained the following outcomes from working with Crossley Third Sector: